As a  graphic design company, what gives us the edge is a mixture of experience, enthusiasm and creativity. Our wealth of experience means that we can fast track solutions and avoid the obvious pitfalls. As time is a valuable commodity, the resulting benefit is cost effective solutions, and creativity means nothing unless the design actually works. It’s more than  just visual communication – strategic thinking results in the most powerful solutions. Check out examples in the  portfolio page.

And deadlines? – we believe that deadlines are airtight. We’re used to unreasonable timescales and delivering under pressure – all things can be achieved with the right amount of enthusiasm, ability and attitude.

So you’ve read this far and you’re thinking ‘maybe Hammerhead are the graphic designers for us’. Well the thing is, if you want people who are easy to deal with, enthusiastic and hard-working, then that’s us. And ‘creative?’ – we’d like to think so, but have a look at the work and you decide. Who knows, this could be the start of something new. Why not get in touch – we’d love to have a chat.

I’ve used Hammerhead for a couple of years to design and artwork leaflets. I’ve found them really easy to deal with, they just ‘get’ the brief straight away and run with it, and the turn around time is amazing!      

            Louise Fowen, Campaign Engagement Co-ordinator, B&Q